Friday, February 15, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Beloved

Linking up for Five Minute Friday again. Five minutes of writing, straight from the heart. Go.

"I bet you didn't picture yourself here nine Valentine's Days ago, huh?" He asked me with a smirk and a flirt in his eyes. 

"No, I absolutely didn't. No one warned me," I say with a wink, returning the playfulness. 

It is probably better that way--that we don't know what the future holds. 

I imagine that if someone would have laid out the past nine years in front of me when I was just 17 years old I probably would have run in the opposite direction. 

Because this journey has to be slow, one faithful step at a time. This growing has to take time. No one can drink from a fire hydrant. 

Now we sit together on a tiny sofa, barely big enough for the two of us, with two--yes, two!--kiddos fast asleep in our tiny apartment here in the middle of Recife, Brazil. Just four weeks from now we will once again pack up our possessions and move, this time to the Jungle where our hearts have resided for over four years now. 

And my heart is full. 

If I had seen this nine years ago, I probably would have been scared. But to say "no"…. I would have missed out on so very much. 

"Thanks for walking this journey with me," he says. 

I smile. 

How could I not? What's better than an adventurous life with my love, serving my Beloved?

Let's do this thing.

Me and Richard on our very first trip to the Amazon, April 2009. 


  1. So beautiful. I love that He doesn't share much of what's to come...for we have so much growing to do in order to appreciate it. Loved this. (visiting from Lisa-Jo)

  2. Really sweet! It's true though, "if we knew what was to come - we'd probably say no." So glad God knows us so well! Blessings!

  3. Isn't it amazing where He takes us? I'm stopping over from Five Minute Friday, and thankful I did. I'm where I never expected either and incredibly grateful that He's got me where I need to be. May the Lord bless you as you pack, settle in, join a new community...may you, your husband and your children become growing participators in your new community, shining with true belovedness so that others may as well. Bon courage!

  4. So true! What a gift to not know all that God knows. And your conversation warmed my heart. What a blessing to enter into God's plan two-by-two.

  5. I love, love, love your blog. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us.

  6. It's funny how things seem so 'right' when we don't know the whole story. In contrast to how fearful things would look had God showed us the entire picture. Love that about it. He woos us...


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