A Little About Us

We are just ordinary people trying to live a life that glorifies an extraordinary God. 

When we were younger, God called us to go to the foreign mission field. We said yes. We had no idea when, where, or how this was going to happen, but we started on a journey that has been exciting, challenging, humbling, stretching, and life-changing.

We spent four years living in the Amazon jungle and now we are a part of an extensive network of Christ followers there. Though we don't live there full-time currently, we travel there frequently and advocate for the network Stateside.

In 2010, we welcomed a bouncing baby boy into our lives. He's full of life and stories and provides endless entertainment. He has more energy than the Hoover Dam produces in a year and will talk your ears off if you let him (and even if you don't). 

In 2012, we welcomed our sweet, laid-back baby girl. Her smile lights up the room every time and she adores--ADORES--her big brother. She's the perfect addition to our family.

In March of 2014, we completed the [lengthy and frustrating] process of adopting a seven-year-old Brazilian girl. You will read a lot about her on our blog. She stole our hearts from the first day we met her and now God is weaving into our lives as a beautiful example of the Gospel. 

This blog is a journal of our lessons learned (most of them the hard way) and our experiences on the foreign field. I (Ashley) write most of the posts, but there are a few by Richard. 

Ultimately, we hope that this blog will be an encouragement to you. Sometimes people seem to have the idea that missionaries are on a different level spiritually. There couldn't be less truth in that. We are just people with struggles and joys and we want to share those with you.

Thanks for tagging along!

Visit our website to find out more about what we do: www.theamazonnetwork.com

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