Wednesday, January 30, 2013

When True Hopelessness Meets True Hope

Would you travel like this for a total of 16 days to bring the Gospe| to your family?

Sometimes I don't even want to get out and go to church when 
it's raining outside, for goodness sake!

But these men right here? They're passionate. 

They're passionate about their Savior and they want everyone to know it. 

I think that they have a passion that most of us may never fully comprehend this side of Heaven. 
And I think it comes from the fact that they know true hopelessness

A hopelessness that greeted them every morning when they woke up as a child to the wails of another mother whose baby died of a disease that--unknown to them--is preventable with the proper treatment. 

A hopelessness that echoed throughout their village while the witchdoctor chanted loudly all night and smoke plumed up from another concoction of who-knows-what but they still had disease and the food was still scarce. 

A hopelessness that stared them in the face each time conflict arose with that neighboring tribe. 

But then they met Hope. And things changed.

They met Joy. And life has never been the same.

They met Peace. And they can sleep at night.

They met Grace. And they can't help smiling.

They met Mercy. And they will never, ever be the same.

After a change like that, how could they NOT go? 

No money. That's how.

The only thing that kept them from going sooner was funding. 

But that's where our awesome, faithful, generous, 
Christ-loving friends came in!

Thanks to donations, these men were able to travel to their village for the first time in months to share the Gospel for the first time in EVER. That's right. 
This was the first time that this village as a whole had heard the Truth. 

And it came from their OWN people, in their OWN language. 

That, my friends, is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. 

More on this story coming soon. Thanks for being a part of our team by giving and praying! 

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