Monday, October 3, 2016

Pray for Grace House

I sat across the living room from her and I felt like with each word coming out of her mouth, someone was placing another brick on my shoulders.

God brought her here and this journey has been devastating to all that I have ever known. For three years now, our life has been turned upside down.

She told the stories and I just kept thinking, “They’re still out there. All of the other littles are still out there.”

And it feels so heavy to walk this path that is our new normal and to carry this weight with our now daughter and navigate these treacherous black waters. But what if we had left her there? I can’t fathom.

But what if I had known that this would be so hard? Would I have said it was worth it? Would I do it again?

All those little faces dance through my mind and I can feel my heart aching under the weight of it all. I know their names. I know their stories. I know their reality.

And what more can we do? We have Grace House and it’s a safe place. But we are new at this whole thing and the growing pains hurt, too. The enemy just wants to destroy and we can’t know what we don’t know.

So we bend our knees and beg God for wisdom and discernment with our daughter and with the children’s home because we know—we KNOW—that His heart is for the orphaned child. He is FOR us in this.

Will you join us? We need prayer for Rosa. We need prayer for Aurilene. We need prayer for the other volunteers. We need prayer for the kids. We need prayer for more volunteers, more people with a heart and passion to teach and love and serve.

We need prayer.


  1. Standing with you believing that in the vast ocean of pain our Father holds His hand out to each one of us to rescue us and draw us close and comfort us and heal all our sorrows. Your compassion and willingness to love past that which seems unbearable will be what breaks down the lies and strongholds. It comes at a great cost, but it is not in vain! Love wins.

  2. Just read this...and yes...will be praying...


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